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The History of Gunpowder is a high energy, orchestral rock, freak-out ensemble based in Vancouver that puts on theatrical, gritty, and unforgettable live shows. The History seamlessly blends expansive arrangements, growling blues vocals, and danceable funk rhythms into an electric sonic experience. They have garnered critical and popular acclaim as one of the best touring live acts in Canada that boasts an explosive sound somewhere between Tom Waits, Nick Cave, and Radiohead. The History seems to be unwaveringly barreling upwards with the fall 2023 release of their feature-length film/video album - Swallows, their third European tour, and the much anticipated release of their upcoming album, The Epileptic Vol II.


Long Bio


The History of Gunpowder is an eight-piece, independent and experimental freak-out orchestra based in Vancouver. Boasting 3 studio albums, the group is currently completing their fourth LP, The Epileptic Vol II, and recently released Swallows, a feature-length film and video album recorded live-off-the-floor in the Weird Church in Cumberland, BC. Swallows capitalizes on the acoustic properties of the church using its famed pipe organ from the 19th century coupled with choral vocal additions to the core musicians. The result? An intimate yet behemoth work of art with deep forays into community, music and art.

A staple of the Canadian live scene, The History of Gunpowder is devoted to constantly pushing the envelope on stage and in the studio and has built a community around them that consists of some of the best musicians in Canada. The group has garnered an exciting international presence through their unique compositions and gritty vocals with fan bases worldwide who are entranced by their ambitious take of the musical arts, which is always expanding and reaching new (and often chaotic) heights.and are preparing for their third European tour. The music of The History is couched in traditional blues and played with traditional but highly affected instruments. The band’s extensive use of loops and drones is contrasted by heavy, swinging passages that carry long and winding melodies. Drawing inspiration from blues, soul, jazz, funk and punk, this group emerges as a delicate balance between order and chaos.​

Their international presence includes headlining tours in Italy and the EU. They have deep roots in the Montreal circus and burlesque communities. Noteworthy performances include co-headlining the Hollywood Theatre with The Harpoonist and the Axe Murderer, as well as spearheading and headlining Vancouver’s Annual Freakout Circus Extravaganza, now celebrating its third year of mesmerising audiences

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